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  • - List of Merit Badges, requirements, and awards for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturing
  • - Helps for LDS leaders integrating Venturing with the priest quorum
  • PDF Manuals - Publicly available skydrive with many scout manuals in PDF format
  • PDF Manuals - Venturing Manuals from Five Rivers Council
  • LDSBSA relations - Website of LDS Relationships Office - Boy Scouts of America
  • Best Practices Portal - BSA portal for sharing best practices amongst units
  • Scouting and the Priesthood - Blog on how Scouting supports the Aaronic Priesthood

Merit Badge Pamphlets Online

Other MB Information

Leadership Training

  • Day One - combined Scouts/Varsity Scouts/Venturers
Interest Surveys
Powerpoint Presentations

Commissioner Resources

Decent Powerpoints that give bullet points without all the text of the official scout materials - note that they need to be reviewed with the current material on hand as the course numbers are sometimes different and the bullets may not exactly match the current recommended material.

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